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3 Reasons To Take A Moment And Breathe Slow

The lasting effects aren't always apparent so, here is some data. Most of us, including myself, never really realized how powerful slowing your breath down for a few moments of the day is.

Photo Credit: The Indigo Dragon Acupuncture Samurai Warrior Ashley Lanahan

3 Reasons To Take A Moment And Breathe Slow

1. You can change how your body automatically responds to stress.

They made mice "meditate," and it changed the duration of their fear response. This experiment was wild! The video is bookmarked for the moment they talk about it. Please watch this one because it is so cool. They just joke about the mice levitating for a moment, so don't get confused.

2. You can prepare for intense exercise which may reduce oxidative stress.

The results of an hour of easy soft belly breathing can last 24-hours in blood markers even after significant exercise.

3. You can reduce blood pressure and hypertension.

It is staggering how quickly the effects can happen, but you need to dial in the technique. Even breathing slightly faster reduces the results.

If you even want to talk about this stuff or learn more, I am restarting an online class because we have so much fun talking about the latest news. So next Saturday from 8 AM - 9 AM PST, join us even in your PJs. It's only $15, and you can sign up here or through the official Wim Hof Method site. I might do it monthly if folks are interested.

Come early and join me for coffee during the meet and greet before class.

I also have lots of workshop opportunities in February.

Wim Hof Method & Breath Fitness Workshops

2-19 | Encinitas, CA | WHM Embracing The Cold

2-20 | Murrieta, CA | WHM Advanced

2-21 | Corona, CA | WHM Plus 60 Min Float

2-26 | Carmel, CA | WHM Stress Relief

2-27 | Carmel, CA | WHM Embracing The Cold

Every Friday | 9 AM | Breath Fitness | San Diego

Reach out or comment if you have questions.



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