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Certified Wim Hof Method & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Instructor

After learning about Wim during a live Joe Rogan podcast in 2015, I began researching everything possible on the method. The breathing routines soon became a daily practice. The initial benefits were health and energy improvements. Next came the ability to meditate deeper and explore mental states which seemed unreachable to me previously without what I assumed would require years of training. These effects were real, immediate, and something that felt like we had lost in our modern lifestyle.

Having sought out a life in California after growing up in the midwest, I had quite an unfavorable relationship with the cold. While incorporating the breathing into regular exercise, I began realizing the temperature regulating effects. That, in addition to the enhanced awareness through the WHM, it brought me on a journey reexamining and eventually falling love with the cold and the challenges it presents.


While the WHM has enormous benefits including boosting your immune system, dealing with depression, pain management, and many more, due to my background of nearly 20 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I specialize in the application for athletic performance.

I have incorporated it into increased performance in two ways. First, is the application of the breathing in an active state significantly improving endurance. The second is the mental preparation for performance in either athletics or otherwise that requires the management of nervousness and mental acuity. Wim has proven through science that his method controls adrenaline which is the culprit of the acceleration or loss of that acuity. It’s that mental, physical, and chemical control which, not long ago, was seemly impossible by conventional standards, that is so immensely valuable to all of us.


It's my honor to share the ever-evolving Wim Hof Method tools of human potential revival.

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