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Host A Wim Hof Method Workshop

90 Min | Group Discussion, Science, Breathing Mechanics, & Breathwork

30 Min | Break, Organic Snacks, & Drinks

90 Min | Joint Strengthening Exercises, Cold Exposure Training, & Ice Baths

Learn and share techniques that allowed Wim to achieve superhuman feats with your members, co-workers, friends, and family by hosting a workshop.

With more than 100 events under our belt and all ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews on the Official Wim Hof website, Google, and Facebook, you can be sure of a smooth event that will have your guests thrilled to talk about and share their experience for weeks to come.

Hosting an event is simple. We will take care of all the equipment, ice tubs, hoses, organic snacks, delicious drinks, setting up, and break down. Plus, we even bring thousands of pounds of ice to make sure our cold plunges are the coldest in town!

All you need to do is show us where to attach the hoses. Then, sit back and participate in the experience.

As the host, you will get ultra-special offers and support.

The hosting facility can get a percentage of the tickets, reserve free spaces for their staff, offer their members significant discounts, or a combination of all three.

We will also provide custom graphic design for social media, printable posters, and event banners.

You will get your event featured on the official Wim Hof page which brings tons of views worldwide, potentially offering new clients and more exposure to your business. People often fly into town for these workshops.

We handle all the ticket reservations, waivers, and guest follow-up online.

Guests will learn tools to improve their immune system, control anxiety, and increase energy.

The day will include group discussion, a presentation of the latest science, guided breathwork, light exercises, a tub full of ice, the secrets to thermoregulation, and how to warm back up.

Guests will finish the workshop inspired by the incredible power breathwork has on our physiology. All the techniques, everything demonstrated, and discussed is backed by science (1)(2)(3)(4).

They may also leave with a completely new relationship to the cold.

IMG_1468 2.JPG
Comfort, safety, and peace of mind are our highest priorities.

We have more than a million dollars of insurance for the guests and the hosting facility.

No experience is necessary for your guests, and we support practitioners of breathwork and cold exposure at all levels.

After the event, they will receive guided instructionals, group pictures, and videos of the unforgettable day.

Popular hosting facilities include Yoga Studios, CrossFit Gyms, Martial Art Academies, and even private residences can be perfect locations.

These workshops often sell out and will leave participants asking, "What's next?!"

We start with the Fundamentals workshop. Advanced is the next level, which still does not require previous experience, but you should be ready to push your comfort zone.


Then if you'd like to continue to share this experience with your members or guests, we can offer six additional workshops with unique areas of focus where we will deep dive into supporting science and techniques. As always, the class includes guided, mind-altering breathwork and ice baths.

To host a Wim Hof Method workshop at your place
reach out at or call (760) 410-8104

"One of the best workshops I have attended on any subject. Miles is a terrific teacher with a wealth of knowledge and an ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner. I learned far more than I had expected to I had a ball doing so. It was not worth the cost, it was worth ten times as much." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


 Comm. Kirt Mahlum
(RET) Commissioner of Superior Court of California

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