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Thank you for joining the Breath Fitness Community group! 🥰

Many of you have been following my journey into the realm of breathwork and cost-free fitness and health for a long time. I hope it's been helpful for you. It's a huge honor for me, and I appreciate your support.

These groups are my way of giving back to you.

This space is also my solution to all social media pollution. 🥴So, you shouldn't need any social media connected to this if you don't want it to be.

You have in common that most of you have worked with me directly.

I have been contemplating, for an eternity, how to make an online group feel real. Finally, I think the answer is to eliminate the need for big social media and bring everyone home. 🏠

I offer you a warm welcome. 🌺

Hopefully, you'll only get occasional emails with the latest news. These are not automated messages. This will be me reaching out directly at the moment. I'll be experimenting on how often you'll get notified, so please bear with me until we optimize it. 🙏

I am looking forward to your feedback. Get in touch with me anytime. You can use this website's contact form, email me, or give me a call (760) 410-8104.



Brian B
Michelle Royale Vidal
Andy DeJesus
Bob Wooldridge
Bob Wooldridge
Jan 18, 2022

Thanks for creating a new and unique online community. It is an interesting approach and I hope to participate and help to make it useful in any way that I can. Great work Miles!



The Breath Fitness Community is about connection. Use this s...


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