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Watch The New DMT Quest Documentary Now For Free

When my friend, John Chavez, an author and fellow Wim Hof Method advocate, told me I needed to get up to San Fransisco to have brain wave scans for a documentary he was producing, I was super stoked. (Skip to the end for the link to the full documentary)

He has been on a mission to bring awareness of the effects of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in the human body to the mainstream. He has written two books on the subject and just launched the first documentary. He runs a nonprofit, DMT Quest, to garner interest in funding scientific research on exactly what DMT is doing in our body. Ever since LSD was classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it had "no known medical use", research on the uses of LSD and other psychedelics was halted. That is now changing and John is at the forefront of spearheading that change.

The goal was to do a Wim Hof breathing session in a clinical setting while being hooked up to an EEG. While we know ingesting DMT can have fascinating results, anyone who has done intense breathwork knows it's often accompanied by a feeling of euphoria or being "high". Now DMT exists in us endogenously. Since we all have the DMT compound in our body it's been hypothesized we can upregulate its production using breathwork.

After setting the date at the clinic, I had a few weeks to prepare. I was more diligent than usual about doing daily breathwork. I would do at least 10 minutes and sometimes 20 minutes. I ate clean and often did 30 minutes of Wim Hof style horse stance in the early morning with bare feet on the frosted grass as it seems to help with the interoceptive connection. I was ready.

When I was brought to the clinic, I was sat in a bare room lit brightly with documentary cameras. I was anticipating using some videos or music to "get into the zone" while doing the breathing session. Since any distraction or music would have hindered the pure validity of the experiment, it was decided that I would have no outside influences. So there I was, doing the breathwork in a dead silent room full of people and cameras watching but guess what? It worked. It always does.

Wim's recipe of breathwork has demystified the physiological and chemical changes we have access to. I did 10 minutes of regular Wim Hof style breathing rounds and then 10 minutes of the Advanced Power Breathing. By the end of the 20 minutes, I had the full mind and body "vibration" that happens after every good session. I knew whatever they saw it was going to be a great example of the brain activity that happens every time we do this stuff. They did a full analysis of my brain waves for 5 minutes with eyes closed afterwards 5 minutes with eyes open just as they had done before the breathwork.

The results were extraordinary! You can watch the documentary to find out what they meant. Not only did we find out we may have discovered the throttle to mental and chemical control, but we may have also discovered how mental deficiencies in several areas of the brain can make serious deviations toward positive shifts. I will have to save that until the next post. Until then, watch this movie, please share it, and help support the cause.

The film is focused on presenting the ground-breaking discovery by Dr. Jon Dean in 2019 regarding his research publication titled, “Biosynthesis and Extracellular Concentrations of N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in Mammalian Brain“. The documentary features Wim Hof, Cerebrospinal fluid expert, Dr. Mauro Zappaterra, Dr. Dennis Mckenna, Dr. Rick Strassman, PhD candidate Nicolas Glynos, yours truly, and many more.

You can see it for free on the official DMT Quest Youtube Channel:

To support the movement go to and as always for more information about the Wim Hof Method go to

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