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Top 5 Tips for Your First Home Ice Bath.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Be ready. A few cold showers, a few days prior to the ice bath, will give you an idea of what you'll be dealing with. To put it mildly, it will feel like rubber bands are being snapped against your skin. To put it another way, it could feel like you're in the gates of hell battling demons. Yet another way would be, think of going down a waterside without water and filled with razor blades. However, you'd like to initially deal with it is fine but you'll need to surrender. The sooner the better. With a little guidance, 99% of people can fall into a calm state in about a minute.

1. Get enough ice. About 40-60lbs is good if you have tap water temperatures that are moderate.

2. Don't put the ice in until the bath is full of water. To use minimal ice, we want to put it in the moment before we hop in.

3. Make sure you know the water level. Don't over or underfill. Depending on the tub size the water goes up quite a bit and you'll don't want to try and save ice cubes once they have exited the tub. On the flip side, you also want the water to cover you as much as possible.

4. Get in slow but not too slow. You will probably adapt quickly if you get fully submerged right away. If you do, you may find that a full ice bath is easier than even a cold shower! What?!

5. Bonus ice. Save some ice to add once you've gotten in. Open the bag or prepare the ice first, get it ready sitting next to the side of your tub, and then get calm and enjoy those sweet bonus cubes.

Warning. Only 3 out of 4 got into a parasympathetic state in the video.

A calm parasympathetic state reached while the chemical shifts and adrenaline run rampant throughout the body is an enormously powerful experience.

Breath deeply, my friends.


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