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Reaction To Joe Rogan's 20 Minute Ice Bath

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

As a huge fan of standup comedy and a blackbelt as you might have guessed, I am also a big fan of Joe Rogan. He recently posted a video of his second ice bath that a lot of you sent me. I created a video of my thoughts for you guys with the details below.

Here was his video. It was 20 minutes and hilariously painful-looking!

His first ice bath was only 1:30 and pretty funny too.

Here is a clip of Joe joking about how the experience was the closest he's ever come to dying. JRE #1687

Many of you sent me the clip and asked for my thoughts. Well, Professor Rogan did many things correctly, but he can certainly use some tips.

What he did right

1. He warmed up before.

2. Had an empty stomach.

3. Quickly fully submerged.

4. He did use breathwork.

5. He didn't do any breath holds.

What he did wrong

1. He barely moved at all. Moving helps with circulation.

2. Staying in longer than 10 minutes right after a workout is not ideal.

3. He overdid it. He shivered for a long time.

4. He may not have left calm to have more energy later on.

5. You can't fight the cold. You have to surrender.

Tips for ice baths at home

Please don't overdo it and leave wanting more.

If you don't have much ice, leave some open bags of ice near your tub, then put them in after you've gotten in.

Use calm breathing. Check out this quick video of Wim Hof doing 61 minutes for his 61st birthday.

Here are some tips on getting your ice bath extra cold if you live in a hot climate.

I hope that was helpful.

Stay cool, my friends.


PS. Join the Cold Shower Club on the Clubhouse Mobile App

Get your safety tips from the official Wim Hof site:

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