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How To Lower Your HR With Breathwork Which May Improve Blood Pressure And Hypertension

After teaching weekly breathwork classes and monthly Wim Hof workshops for a few years, I have tracked participants' feedback for commonalities.

A common theme is that once people adopt a regular breathwork practice, they have lower average blood pressure. This often happens if they have a history of hypertension.

How do I lower my HR?

Being able to instantly lower your heart rate even when facing physical or mental stress is a simple and valuable tool. I believe practicing this type of slower breathing is the starting point to lowering your blood pressure consistently.

I have even had some people get off of high blood pressure medician they've been on for 20 years. (Shoutout to Mary Anne!)

Here is a video where I give you a few options and demonstrate them.

Also, here is a beautiful study on how the correlation of controlling your heart rate may lead to an overall reduction in hypertension.

Effects of slow breathing rate on heart rate variability and arterial baroreflex sensitivity in essential hypertension

I hope this is useful, and I wish you all happiness, health, and strength.



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