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Midwestern Method Podcast

I had a great time chatting with Jesse, who is one of the first WHM instructors in America.

Here are some of the fun things we talk about:

8:30 How the WHM improves BJJ

13:00 Quit college went to stunt school

17:59 How to control anxiety

19:58 When Jesse first started

23:52 Our favorite parts of the 10 Week WHM course

26:46 Being a WHM instructor before it was cool

36:16 Barefoot running on concrete

40:50 Revelations we had teaching and teaching online

44:48 Which breathwork we use and Jesse’s new book

49:58 Creating human connections online

51:57 The one-hour horsestance

55:01 The 1000 person workshop in San Jose

59:13 Breathwork for creativity, flow state, and visuals

1:08:02 Doing the WHM at a busy mall

Thanks for having me on, Jesse!

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