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Sat, Jan 23



WHM Breathing Class for Embracing The Cold

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WHM Breathing Class for Embracing The Cold
WHM Breathing Class for Embracing The Cold

Time & Location

Jan 23, 2021, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PST



About the Event

You know the cold is good for you.

🧐 You believe in the science 🔬 but you just can’t 🚫 incorporate cold exposure as a regular practice. ❄️ 🚿

You can’t get past your 🧠 and how it reacts to the cold.

🤬 Maybe you even hate the cold.

In this class, you will learn simple enhancements to your existing techniques to practically eliminate the discomfort in the 🧊 after the initial surge.

You will have a recipe to use anytime to improve your cold tolerance no matter what the occasion.

🤷‍♂️ How do I know?

I used to hate the cold. 🙅‍♂️ I moved away from it. I would avoid it at all costs. My hands and feet would stay uncomfortably cold.

I did the WHM breathwork for 6 months before ever even considering cold exposure.

I thought to myself “those guys are crazy 🤪”...

💡 Until I figured it out.

It finally clicked. I tried a cold bath, almost no discomfort. I bought ice. I tried an ice bath. After the initial doubt and shock, I finally found the place. It's a place where you can take all the discomfort and agony of an icy exposure and set it to the side. It’s as if you can put it on the shelf near you where you can look at it in awe but not be emotionally attached to it.

The Wim Hof Method does this. 💯

With simple techniques and enhancements to what you already know, in a single class, you too can form a relationship with and embrace the cold.

Imagine yourself being excited about going to cold icy spots 🏔in nature that you used to avoid. Your world just got bigger!

My background...

I have been doing the Wim Hof Method since 2015. After becoming an instructor, I have helped hundreds of people, in-person and online, overcome their fear of the ❄️

🧬 Cold exposure is not only massive for your health, the excitement and chemical shifts you can feel are extraordinary. 🚀

Don’t just take my word for it.

“Truly inspiring & moving experience!! I had played around with Wim Hof breathing before, but just didn't click… Until this great Demo 😁, I made so many connections & learned so much! Miles made it very fun, safe, & engaging. Brokedown the technique & simplified some of the mystery I had previously in my attempts trying out Wim Hof breathing. Thus, I've been practicing it since and feel more energy, clarity, & stamina!

Grateful for this experience!! 🙏 💕”

Paola C.

Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, and Movement Instructor


More reviews:

In this 60 minute class, you will get real-time instructions on what you have been doing right and how you can improve your breathwork as it relates to cold. You will leave class with tools, tips, and a recipe to add cold exposure to your routine with ease and enjoyment.

💰 As a bonus, if you want to stick around after class, we will be there on Zoom for some additional live ice bath coaching and support if you have your icy spot set up.

If you stick around before and after you will also get to hear other people's experiences, cheer them on as they do a cold exposure live, and get all your questions answered.

These classes are small so we can make real connections with people and space is very limited. 🙏

If the class is sold out, please reach out to me directly and I can get you on the first-dibs list.

Check your timezone:


9 AM California, USA

12 PM New York, USA

2 PM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

5 PM London, UK

6 PM Barcelona, Spain

👉 Sign up right here or on the official Wim Hof site:


Part 1 (30 Min) | (Optional) Meet/greet fellow WHM enthusiasts from around the globe

Part 2 (30 Min) | Presentation on the latest science

Part 3 (30 Min) | Guided breathing rounds with tips and tricks

Afterward | (Optional) Q&A plus ice bath coaching

You need enough space to sit and lay down approximately the size of a yoga mat on camera. Headphones will be useful for guided breathwork portions but are not required. Cold exposure is also not required.


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